Founded by recruiters,
for recruiters

Since 2007, Harqen has balanced technology innovations with the practical demands of recruiters and the hiring demands of today’s employers. The result has been more than just software. We’ve developed solutions that solve real challenges in the modern hiring process while delivering a human element to recruiters in the form of high-touch service and support. This is a result of being a company that was built by recruiters, for recruiters.

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About Our Technology

Harqen has processed millions of digital interviews for thousands of job types, helping recruiters across all major industries automate inefficiencies in their hiring processes, particularly with candidate pre-screening.
Harqen’s AI platform delivers additional efficiencies through automated candidate recommendations and rankings, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to immediately focus their hands-on recruiting efforts on their strongest candidates.

Harqen's suite of interviewing technologies includes on-demand video, on-demand audio, SMS/text, and live video interviewing to meet any type of remote interviewing demand. As a recruiter-first company, Harqen’s support and delivery models are focused on helping organizations improve and optimize their hiring process and to maximize the benefits the software offers.

Contact Us

8840 Cypress Waters Blvd, Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75019
Phone: +1 (866) 493-0415
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